Trade Always Finds Ways to Keep Steady

Until September this year, though it grew minus, but world’s container trade was better than expected. However, appropriate strategies for the highly unpredictable future is needed.

Up to third quarter this year (3Q2020), world’s container trade was better than expected. It was 8 points higher than predicted in June. Until September, the year on year growth was -8%, better than
-16% predicted in June.

According to shipping consultant Drewry, high consumer goods trade significantly helped it, thanks to the governments high expenditure to help the people’s purchasing power. But Drewry has warned that next year is still highly unpredictable and the hoped for V-shape recovery is starting to look overly optimistic.


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Shippers Facing Capacity Shortage, How Come?

Some reports have said that supply chain had been facing disruption due to capacity and equipment shortages. Orderbook for cargo shipping needed a longer time since early October. Some shippers and forwarders have said that cargo delay had been taking place at some leading transhipment ports for the last several weeks, causing chaos in ocean shipping supply chains.
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Jati Damas - Editor

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